Frequently Asked Questions

  • This is a Brand New On-Line Auction Program. While transfering customers over to the New System, Passwords can sometimes not come across clean so the best thing to do is :

    1) Click to navigate to the register page and click the link to reset your password.

    2) The system will then email you a new secure password to your email inbox and provide you with instructions on resetting it.

  • To list an item on you must become a member by clicking on "register" on the top menu bar. If you need help or would like us to list your item for you, please contact on: Phone 07 4662 4644 and we will help list your items on for you for a fee.

  • Dependant on the level of Requirements of the Seller there can be from time to time. Ask your Representative about your particular situation.

  • The Reserve price is the minimum amount the seller will take for the item at auction, once an item meets reserve it will be sold. The Staring Bid Price is the price that the dealer sets as the minimum bid to start the auction rolling, (generate interest in it) the item will not sell if it has not met the reserve price.

  • No, all reference to the seller is removed when an item is sent to the auction site.

  • At the heart of your auction experience is bidding on items you'd like to buy. Bid allows you to purchase items in several ways:

    • Standard bidding
    • Proxy Bidding
    • Make an Offer Buy Out

    Standard & Proxy Bidding

    Standard bidding is the most common way to bid on an item, and is exactly the same as the process used in real-world auction rooms. You bid the minimum amount needed to outbid the current high bidder.

    A Proxy bid means that you bid an amount that is higher than necessary. The auction software will raise your actual bid to the minimum necessary, but will remember your maximum.

    If someone else comes along and tries to outbid you, the auction software will automatically place additional bids on your behalf up to the value of your proxy bid. This means you can stay on top of the bidding without having to be near a computer.

  • Some sellers allow items to be purchased instantly at a fixed price, regardless of any auction bidding that has taken place. This feature is called Buy Out.

    You will see a logo in item listings offering the Buy Out facility. The Buy Out price will be stated directly below the Buy Out button.

    1. 1. To purchase an item with Buy Out, click on the Buy Out button.
    2. 2. You will be taken to a confirmation page showing the Buy Out price, postage costs and payment methods for the item.
    3. 3. Click Proceed if you are happy to continue.
    4. 4. Your purchase will now be confirmed and you will be able to pay the invoice.
  • Instead of monetary offers, some sellers will accept Trade Offers - offers of an item of value as part payment plus a Cash Balance in exchange for the item being sold. The Trade offer process works in a very similar way to the standard Make Offer process.

    1. 1) If the seller of the item you are interested in accepts Trade Offers, you will see an entry like this in the item listing.
    2. 2) Click on the Make An Offer link and enter a description of the Trade you are proposing.
    3. 3) Click Proceed and you will see a confirmation message confirming that your Trade offer has been passed to the seller.
  • If you want to Bid an amount greater than the next Bid Increment type in your high bid tick ? the box beside that amount and when you submit your Bid the full amount will be used as your Bid and will show on the site immediately.

    If someone else has put in a higher proxy Bid, you can Bid again if you wish.

    Some Bidders prefer to put a larger Bid in straight up to remove some or all the Competition.

  • Some sellers allow potential buyers to make an offer to buy their items, to avoid having to wait for the auction to finish. If a seller is open to offers, you will see a logo in the item listing:

    1. 1) If you would like to make an offer, click on the icon.
    2. 2) On the Make Offer page, enter the amount you would like to offer (Remember - your offer must be in the price range specified):
    3. 3) Click Proceed to continue and your offer will be confirmed and submitted to the seller.
  • Web-Site is run by Licensed Auctioneers and All Sales are handled by the Company. Contact by clicking this link.

  • Yes other Auctioneers and Real-Estate Agents can use the services of providing they are currently Licensed and work within our strict guidelines. Contact our Company by using the Contact Link at the top of the Page.

    • You must be Logged In to Bid.
    • If the Colour Around the Bid Amount is Green this means you are holding the Highest Bid.
    • If the Colour Around the Bid Amount is Red means the Bid is Against you.
    • You can type in a larger amount to place a Bid.
    • If you type an amount above the Reserve only the minimum amount required to keep you in the highest Bid position will be used.
    • If you Type in an amount above the Reserve and want the full amount to be applied simply tick the box beside the Bid you are about to place and that full amount will be taken as the next Bid.
    • When Bidding, make sure the amount you are Bidding is the amount you want to Bid as no Bid can be retracted.
    • When you place a Bid you will be asked to confirm the amount before it is placed.
    • Place A Bid Banner means the Item is still not on the Market.
    • On The Market Banner means the Item has met Reserve and will be Sold to the Highest Bidder subject to terms of the Sale
    • " Going Once " Banner, is a Warning to All Bidders that the Bidding is about to Close.
    • " Going Twice " Banner, is another Warning that Time is Running out to place a Bid.
    • " Third and Final Call " Banner, means you only have seconds left to Bid.
    • " Passed In " , Banner means there was " No Bid " on the Item and you can contact the Seller Agent to discuss.
    • " Negotiating " Banner means that there has been Bidding on the Item and the Highest bidders are Negotiating. If you have an Interest in the Item you can contact the Agent but you will have to wait till the Highest Bidders have exhausted their option.
    • " Sold " Banner, means the Item has Been Sold and no longer available.
  • A Pre-Bid can be used when a potential Buyer is not available at the time of Auction.

    A Buyer is not confident during a live Auction.

  • The Amount you Bid should be calculated on the Highest Amount you are prepared to pay if you were in a heated bidding situation and if you missed out had no regrets.

  • You can only have one Pre-Bid before the Auction starts Live.

  • If your Pre - Bid is outbid during the live Auction you can Bid again if you wish.

  • If your Pre-Bid is under the Reserve the Auctioneer may use the full Bid to commence with. If there is no further Bidding you will be deemed to be the highest Bidder and will be contacted to negotiate the Sale above all other Intrested parties and have first right of refusal, usually for 24 hrs.

    If your Pre -Bid is above the Reserve, the amount needed to place the Item �On the Market � will be used and the balance only used if you get out bid using the next Bid Increment required to keep you in the Highest Bid Position.

  • The Agents will be in touch to finalise the process.

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