About Us

About Us

AuctionCentre.com.au is the first Auctioneering Group in Australia to offer major items for sale by On-Line Auction. We are a wholly Australian owned company with a trusted reputation second to none in the agricultural industry.

AuctionCentre.com.au is headed up by Mr Graham J. Eccles - a traditional Auctioneer with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Many of these 35 years the Group had been operating as a traditional Auctioneer's prior to developing an original On-Line Auction Web Application in Partnership with RP Data who have since become Core Logic.

With an easy to operate On-Line Auction Web Application, the transition from conducting physical Auctions to mostly conducting On-Line Auctions happened over the course of several years.

Once the true benefits of providing an On-Line Auctions, option for our clients was established, we had real statistics showing us that buyers for major purchases were many times paying prices improved by up between 10-15%. We naturally must provide the best possible services to our clients.

We still from time to time provide a physical on-site option to our clients but that is becoming rarer as the benefits of On-Line have become more evident to our clients each year. Reaching the Nation rather than just a local audience is far more prudent.

There are many facets and advantages of conducting business On-Line and AuctionCentre.com.au Web Application has been thought out, revised, and hammered out over many years.

  • Ability to conduct multiple auctions including Clearance Sales Real-Estate Sales, Livestock Sales, Vehicle Sales, etc. in various Locations from a central Command Centre for Timed or Live-Stream Auctions.
  • Have The Seller Call You: whereby a text is sent from the Bid Page by the enquirer with one copy going to the Seller and one to the Selling Agent.
  • Live Real Time Bidding. (Time extends until Bidding stops).
  • Listing Tutorials are available for training either staff members or competent clients to help them save money.
  • Hosting of the Web Application is done by a company on the Gold Coast.
  • Database of thousands of major buyers in every State in Australia for agricultural sector.
  • Note: Longest established On-Line Auction house in Australia to sell major items of plant. eBay were still selling household goods etc, Grays On-line were selling Wine, while AuctionCentre.com.au were selling Tractors, Tillage etc.

Advantages of AuctionCentre.com.au Web Application

Income can be derived from:

  • Machinery Sales, Real-Estate Sales, Plant Sales Livestock Sales, etc.
  • Website Banner Advertising.
  • E-Mail Marketing.
  • Machinery Dealer Aged Inventory Sales

The Internet is one of the most exciting things to happen to sales this century and the ability to micro-manage and drill down on marketing with the right tools, means you can promote your Sales Information to the correct demographic - for instance - you can market individually to those that have had rain, or had a crop, by State, by postcode, by type of Grower which is critical. This is especially important during times of drought in Australia.

The complexities of the Machinery Industry continue to provide many new opportunities. For instance, cost of new machinery has forced the price of trades up causing difficulties for Machinery Dealers at times. These Machinery Dealers may need an outlet to on-sell those machines on, Farmers need an outlet to on-sell their trades so they can make 'No Trade Purchases'.

Farm Clearance Sales can be managed more cost effectively with in many cases far better outcomes than a physical On-Site Auction.

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