" Mount Lonsdale ", MUNGALLALA, QLD
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North Mungallala's "Hidden Gem", In a Prime Location
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 Monday, 12th February-inspections by appointment only with:

Selling Agent. Russel Jorgenson 0428880411

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  • North Mungallala's Hidden Gem In Prime Location

    • *15km North of Mungallala, *60km to Mitchell and *150km from Roma, and easy access to Australia's Number one cattle selling centre.
    • Soft Bottle Tree, Belah, and Brigalow scrub soils that naturally intersperse into pockets of red, sandy, loamy type soils quickly responding pastures.
    • An excellent country selection gives the stock a good variety of pastures throughout the property all year round, consisting of Buffel, Curly Mitchell, Blue grass and native pastures with medics and salines in seasons.
    • A combination of open and semi-open down country, with undulating areas rising to elevation peaks up to 560 metres above sea level. Timbers include Brigalow, Belah, Myall, Bottle Trees, Box, and Gum with a percentage of Wilga and Pine.
    • *4,650 Acres have been blade ploughed, *1,780 Acres pelleted with 5,500kg of Grasslands in November 2022, *800 Acres stick raked in 2023, with *4,300 Acres being pulled in 2023/2024 also.
    • Well-watered by two artesian bores, supplying tanks and troughs with additional water from 9 dams, and Mungallala Creek running through the property, offering a tremendous backup water supply.
    • Fully exclusion fenced with two sides being a fully maintained Dingo Barrier Fence. *23 kilometres of fencing have been completed between 2021 and 2024, consisting of 4 barbs and galvanised Clipex posts, incorporating 18 kilometres of the laneway. Three laneway systems give it easy management by funnelling into the cattle yards. The balance of fencing is in good condition.
    • 10-year-old steel cattle yards with a large percentage undercover area fully cemented air-operated race and crush, Morrissey calf race, cradle, and 5-way draft. Water is connected with troughs and sprays in every yard: double-decker loading ramp, good access road to yards.
    • Mobile coverage over *90 percent of the property, six freehold titles, rural power, and internet. Schooling in Mungallala, Prep to Year 6, retail, banking, high schools, sporting, and cultural facilities with commodity facilities throughout the area.
    • Two homes set in well-established gardens, a 5-bedroom homestead with an inground pool. Manager residence five bedroom, with air conditioning in good condition. Both houses have a good water supply, *23,000 gallons of rainwater storage, a large dam and bore, a workshop, a three-bay car shed, a fuel shed, two stables, and numerous other sheds.

    Remarks: This is a rare opportunity to purchase an outstanding livestock property with all the hard work done. 4,650 Acres were blade ploughed, 23km of new fencing was installed, the property was fully exclusion fenced, and water ran throughout the property via two artesian bores. With the extensive laneway system, the property is efficiently managed single-handedly, with 90% mobile phone service throughout the property. This is a unique property, with a dense body of feed due to rich open valleys running into the soft bottle tree scrub country. "Mount Lonsdale" is ready to walk in and start a business.

    Inspections will commence Monday, 12th February-inspections by appointment only with Selling Agent. 

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    Mungallala 4467 QLD

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    Name: Russel Jorgensen

    Phone: 0428880411

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