Magnificent Collection of Memorabilia
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  • All of the boxes, etc are indicative numbers that can slightly vary, your inspection is important. For purchases in one. This lot includes approximate numbers, Tin collection around 13 boxes, Antique doll one box, Barbie dolls three boxes, money boxes 20, Snoopy three boxes, CocaCola 22 boxes, Coke glass and tins, three boxes, McDonald´s 7 boxes, Thunderbirds one box, James Bond collection and Car set one box, original boxes for cars one box, odd toys three boxes, toys small two boxes, rare books one box, lids one box, Action MAN one box, boxes of miscellaneous one box, crates of bottles and cans Coke One box, McDonald´s 2001 Two boxes, McDonald´s pre-2001 2 boxs, McDonald´s 1999 to 2000 one box, toys three boxes, esky KFC, subway and hungry Jacks, USA one box, three-quarter case of milk bottles one box, Coke in the big shed five boxes, One gas stove and oven about 1950s still works, three sewing machines in cases, metal signs lunch, Next Teller two boxes, One pot cooking pressure, cooking stuff, two Cow Horns mounted, old electric slide projector, some horse things, two horse saddles early years, three lamps, and one railway lamp, one metal arm for uses to stop and turn, some horseshoe artwork, five paperback paintings in frames, six branding irons cattle, six small metal signs, one aAboriginal Artifact head on mount, approximately 400 car, numberplates all over the world, one globe of the world old, one kids ironing board wood, One Barbie, van, old tools, spanners, etc, Avon, things, small cars, trucks with logos number of, One wooden car, Three metal fire engines two Japanese, Two Meccano sets, Two brass poison Sprayers, Three brass paint burners, Two hot wheels sets, Harry Potter stuff, A bit of, telephones old and New approximately 30, board original from phone box, Tonka toys 30 lots of different ones, Buddy L toys A number of, One Melbourne, Tram, one Ambulance, one Bus all metal, Two remote control jet planes, Old radios a number of, kids lunchboxes, CIG, cans, Clippers, and other bits, Nine big bottles photo items, Toy cars and boxed Car sets, some loose in plastic containers, Money boxes approximately 2500, One Cast Iron cooking pot, Old remote control items a number of, Grinch, spaceshuttle and more, Electric glass, insulators huge collection, Old irons, View Masters few, caravan toys metal and plastic, Wind up toys quite a number metal, Three scooters old prototype, One box of numberplates separate to all world ones, Brass plaqes, Two Water war containers, Thunderbird, Spider-Man, Car Rego plate and cable roll, Small milk bottles from school days, This is a collection of over 30 years of work and there is quite a lot that has not been catalogue in this list to investigate yourself Buyers guide, with the enormous amount of items on offer in this auction. The owner has endeavoured to categorise as best he can the different types of memorabilia that will be available for purchase in thisAuction. This is by no means an entirely accurate assessment due to the sheer volume of items on Offer. It is important for Buyers to assess these items that are displayed to make their own individual decision.

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    Morgan Park 4370 QLD

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    Name: Ian Wickham

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    Name: Ian Wickham

    Phone: 0459587845


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