National Dealer to the Public Sale

GST Exclusive : GST will be Added to All Items Sold in the Weekly Ag. Dealer Auction
Every Thursday, Sale 6.30 PM  Sharp Qld Time "Meeting the Market"
 Dealers Must have Machines Booked in 16 day's prior to a Sale. 

Use the " Have The Seller Call You " To find out more about a Machine.

How to Bid: This is a Live Realtime Auction the Auctioneer will be visible a few minutes prior to the Sale commencing.

When the Bidding commences the Auctioneer will call the amount and the Bid Increment needed to place your Bid,.The Bid Increment will also be displayed beside the Bid Button.

Buyer's Please Note: This is a Dealer to the Public Sale you will have the right to negotiate with the Seller if you need an Item straight away, however from 12.00 Noon the Day before it is Auction Day the Item must go the full term of the Auction.

You Must Be Registered and Logged in to View or Bid in this Sale.
Register by 8.00PM the evening before.
IF an Item is Passed in The Highest Bidder will have the First right to Negotiate immediately following the Hammer Falling.
* Note: Site Terms & Conditions Apply*

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On-Line on

Auctioneering Services Bidding Tips for Bidding on

1. Register on, This takes only a couple of minutes using the same information as is required when Registering at any Clearance Sale.

2. Once Registered set up a Watch List of Items in the Sale that you are interested in. You can do this by first Logging in with your User Name and Password then clicking on the "watch this Item" on the top left hand side of the Bid Page of each Item of Interest.

3. Once you have set up your Watch List you can Bid on these Items from within this area without the distraction of all the other happenings going on in a busy Sale. 4. Bidding can be done in a number of ways :

Option A. follow the item and only Bid when you feel necessary to stay in the Highest Bid Position ( should only be done by Buyers with On-Line Bidding experience and a secure Internet Service.

Option B. use the Auto Bid System where you Bid the same , only difference is you place your maximum Bid and submit it. What can happen once you have placed your maximum Bid.

1. If your Bid is under a Reserve the top amount will show on the Bid Page and you will know that you are under the Reserve, if there is no further Bidding you will have the first right to negotiate on the Item. If your Maximum Bid is out Bid you can continue Bidding if you wish.

2. If your Maximum Auto Bid is above the Reserve, Only the amount required to meet the Reserve will be used and the balance of Funds will only be used to keep you in the highest Bid position. The Fastest Way to Buy and Sell Important:

Auto Bid will only ever use enough Funds to keep you in the Highest Bid Position using the minimum increment to stay in the Winning position. Note Any unused Funds for that Bidding Process remain the Buyers.

Auto Bidding should be used by 1. Buyers not used to Bidding On-Line. 2. Buyers with unstable Internet Service. 3. Buyers that will be away from their Computers due to work or other commitments

Bidding On-Line is Transparent and as all Bids are recorded will after the Sale is completed reveal who the winning Bidder was Bidding against if they wish to know. the Fastest Way to Buy and Sell On-Line Auctions can be the Safest way to Buy

You can Inspect the Goods or have a professional Inspect the Goods on your behalf.

Inspection Time: By Arrangement with the Agent and the Seller
Sale Day On-Line Only is Thursday 
Delivery will be given on Friday
No Goods can be taken until Cleared Funds are showing in Trust Account and a paid Receipt can be provided on site to the Vendor or their Representatives.

Electronic Transfer Funds is the preferred method. you can E-Mail the Deposit Slip to or text to 0419652925 once payment has been made.


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