Bidding on Auctioncentre is quite simple.

Bidding on Auctioncentre is quite simple.

On the Bid Page type in the amount you wish to bid "AS A NUMBER ONLY", no $ signs, no commas, no decimal points, just the numbers. If you wish to bid $20,500.00 you type 20500 into the Bid Field then click on Place Bid.

Once you have done this you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can check the amount, then confirm your Bid. Your Bid will then be displayed against the Item on the Bid Page showing your Username as the highest Bidder.

You can either place your Maximum Bid or just follow the Auction and Bid after you have been Out Bid.

Should you place a Maximum Bid, if the amount is under the Reserve your Maximum Bid will be displayed. This will let you know that you have not met the Reserve straight away and you can Bid again or wait to see if you get Out Bid.

If your Maximum Bid is above the Reserve, only the amount of the Reserve will be displayed. Any amount you still have above the Reserve will only ever be used if you have been Out Bid. Then the minimum amount required to keep you in the highest Bid position will be used. If there is no further Bidding the Item will be Sold to you for that Bid amount under the Terms & Conditions for that Item regardless of how much more your Bid amount is.

Note that if you are the highest Bidder under the Reserve you will have the first right of refusal of the item and no negotiation will be finalised with any other interested party until you have declined the offer or 24 hours has lapsed.

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