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Property Name:                                 WUNDABURRA”                                                      


Location:        The Property is located on Neurum Rd., approx. 12km East of Kilcoy and 13 km west of Woodford.            Brisbane is only approx. 80km to the East.               

Area:   209 ha. (516 acres)                                                                                                                                                                             

Real Property Description:   Lots 1 & 2 RP85436   


Main Centers: Kilcoy and Brisbane


Country:                     The Northern and Eastern boundaries of the Property  front onto Neurum Creek  and the Stanley River with the country comprising soft black cracking self mulching clay soil and is predominantly level with slight undulation to the Southern boundary.                                                                                                                         

Cultivation:                The total area of the Property except for areas taken up by structural improvements and a small plantation of trees planted by the owners can and has been cultivated                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Cultivation  History:  ”Wundaburra” has been until recently an intensive hay producing property with excellent stands of irrigated Lucerne and various other crops used as forage or hay production.

The cultivation is mainly irrigated with approx. 7km of underground mains servicing all but 2 paddocks. The Property has produced cereal, fodder, forage and improved pastures and has been rotated by the current owners through forage, grain and legume crops. The owners have not had any need for additional nitrogen based fertilisers.


Grain Storage:            8 tonne seed silo.

 Machinery Sheds:       24m x 24m Hay and machinery shed of steel construction and single span and enclosed on three sides with a 12m x 24 m skillion attached with a 24m x 36m shed in total: 18m x 12m.  Steel framed machinery shed enclosed on 3 sides with 3 phase power and concrete workshop area: 24m x 18m 4 bay steel machinery shed with 3 phase power enclosed on 3 sides: 3 bay steel car garage with roller doors at homestead. A three bay fully enclosed steel shed  located on the airstrip.

Grazing Area  The total area of this property is suitable for grazing and fattening utilizing the forage and improved pasture. With irrigation and improved pasture this property has the ability to turn off a substantial quantity of stock. Currently the owners operate a stud cattle operation. Improved Pasture:   The property has established pasture in selected paddocks a mixture of Callide Rhoades, Biset Blue Grass, Wynn Cassia, Green Panic, White Clover and Kikuyu among the main types.

Yards:  The owner has built an excellent set of timber cattle yards with a lane way feeding from the majority of the paddocks. The yards have full loading facilities for rear and side load, an undercover CIA custom built vet crush. Trees have been planted throughout the yards and provide a very comfortable shaded work environment.

Dam’s and Size:          Three lagoons that are semi-permanent and have easy access for stock.

Bores/Equipment/Capacity: One bore equipped with three phase electric submersible pump providing water to the house, yards, and to every paddock trough via a 2” main and a 25mm feed to the troughs.

Stock Watering Facilities:     The property has  frontage to Neurum Creek with stock access plus two lagoon as well as watering troughs supplied from the bore. Very well watered.

Fencing Boundary:                The property is very well fenced with timber posts and mostly 4 barb in good condition with a portion of the Southern boundary new.                                                                                                                                                      

Fencing Internal:        Dividing the property into 16 main paddocks plus house yard are mostly timber and 5 barb in very good condition. There is a small portion of steel post and 4 barb in good stock proof condition. A laneway with timber and 5 barb feed the paddocks to the yards.

Paddock Map:            A detailed paddock map is attached.

Homestead:                The “Wundaburra” homestead           is a classic 3 bedroom home renovated to suit the owners with 3 bedrooms the master with ensuite and WIR. The living area is huge with a very comfortable living room, formal lounge and dining area. The kitchen is of Tasmanian oak. The dark timber flooring has been polished and the fireplace in the dining room provides a warm and comfortable ambiance through the winter months. Several rooms are air-conditioned. The homestead is set amongst established trees and gardens.                                                                                                                      

Other Accommodation:__A very comfortable  three bedroom home is at the Eastern boundary entrance to the property is currently rented providing approx. $1100 per month return

Other Structural Improvements:     A 4000 ft. airstrip                                                                                                                                           

Irrigation:       All but approx. 100 acres is serviced with underground mains and hydrants. Irrigation is supplied from Neurum Creek and Stanley River.                                                                                                                                                                      

Licenses:         License Number 56147C current to 30/11/13 for 20ha                                                          License Number 49705C current to 30/11/21 for 60ha                                                           License number 10310C current to 30/11/31 for 1000 Megs per annum for stock and domestic.                                                                  

Allocation:                  Licenses attached                                                                              

Plant:              A comprehensive list of plant and equipment is available on request and will be sold at valuation.                                                                                   

Stock:              Nil                                                                                                                   

Carrying  Capacity:    This is a highly productive property and the stocking rate will depend entirely on the new owner’s use of the irrigation and type of production.                                                                                                           


List Price:                    Tenders Close 10th October 2011                                                                                          

Terms:             As per Tender Documents                                                                                         

Remarks:         “WUNDABURRA” is one of the most desirable properties that I have had the privilege to list. The location is fantastic allowing access to a strong rural township while just a short distance away is the State Capital Brisbane with all the benefits that a major City provides. The country itself is very fertile and is bordered by two permanent water courses, Neurum Creek and the Stanley River. The condition of the fencing can testify that flooding is not an issue.  The measured average yearly rainfall of 45” (1125mm)  plus reliable and plentiful irrigation water ensures continued pasture and crop production.

“Wundaburra” really is a fodder factory.

The improvements are extensive and very good quality and condition. The whole presentation and development on “Wundaburra” is a credit to the hard work and ability of both Bob and Betty.

  • Property Details
  • Property Type: RuralResidential: Comercial : Farming: Irrigation
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Post Code: State: South East Queensland4415
  • Car Spaces: 4
  • Swiming Pool: No Pool
  • Spa: No Spa
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